6 Valuable Reasons to have a Facebook Group

20 years ago, businesses had few methods to promote repeat business.  These methods were advertising, more commercials, and newspaper ads.  Those in direct sales who carried consumable products used filing systems and calendars to follow up one on one with clients.

In today’s world, with social media the options have changed completely.  Facebook groups are priceless for taking care of your customers.  Inviting your customers into your Facebook group keeps you in front of them.  This is key to amazing repeat sales because of the income potential.

Check out these perks and statics about repeat business.  Get crazy excited about the potential for your business!

  1. More YESES and fewer NOS from repeat customers!

After a customer purchases once, closing another sale with them becomes immensely easier.  The closing rate sky rockets with customers who purchase for the second or third time.

  1. Closing the sale is much easier:

They are easier to convert to a sale and there is less convincing.

  1. Make more money per hour:

On a client’s second purchase, their buying increases by 27%, on the third purchase it increases by 45%, and by the third purchase the sale increases by 54%.

  1. You can always charge full price and don’t need to give discounts:

After they buy one item, even if it’s small, don’t worry, they’ll be back.  They may say they “Can’t afford it.”  But after they see the quality and are hooked, they have no problem paying the full price to replace that product and for more items.

  1. You get lots of referrals:

After someone has purchased from you 3-5 times, they are likely to tell several people about you.

  1. They buy more at holidays and for other gifts:

Not only will they buy for themselves, they will also buy for their family and friends when they’ve been a repeat customer.

In direct sales, one of the most difficult parts is that you must have endurance and consistency before you start making serious money.  You don’t make much money off your sales the first couple of months because you are always buying additional products.  You make a small percentage of the sales off of your first couple of recruits, yet put a lot of time into sponsoring them and training them.  Also, you put time into building a customer base.

This is where the leaders and hobbyist are separated in this industry.  When you stay consistent and put in the work to build a clientele, take care of them, and find creative ways to stay in touch with them, the profit per hour of work can hit unimaginable levels.

This is where your Facebook group comes in.  Giving your customer base a place to find you is incredibly valuable.  In my local town, there is a Papa John’s Pizza.  The owner has a Facebook group, and no, I don’t open every notification that comes from that group.  But when I want to see what specials they have, or new pizza types, I can quickly find out in the Facebook group.  It’s much easier than looking through my mail or email to find the latest special.

I also have groups I belong to that I know will always give me great tips, ideas and resources to specific subjects.

Start thinking, “How can I make it easy for my clients to find me?” and “What information are my clients looking for?”

A Facebook group is very easy to locate and therefore, you are easy to contact.

When considering what you’ll post in your group, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who are my clients? What age are they? What phase of life are they in? What challenges do they face?
  2. What does their everyday look like and how can I make it easier?
  3. What are they passionate about and what hobbies do they have?
  4. What makes them laugh and uplifts them?

You won’t sell to a repeat customer daily, but you want to be a presence in their life daily so that when it is time for them to buy, you are the first person/business they think of.  Create and use Facebook groups effectively to take care of your clients and more easily sell more than ever before!

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Michelle Withers

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