Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website.  I hope you’ve found some inspiration and ideas that will assist you and those you care about in accomplishing your goals.  I’ve had the pleasure of running 4 successful businesses and help others start their own businesses.  I’ve loved helping other accomplish their goals!!!

As I taught adults, the thought came to my heart and mind, “If youth understood these principles before they become adults, they would have greater ability to accomplish their dreams.”  I’ve had an amazing blessing to work with youth and teach them about goal setting and assisting them in playing hard and working hard.

Now I work with many different ages and people with many different goals.  I’ve learned ways to stay focused on what you desire most in your life, give you tools track your progress and motivation to keep you going when obstacles arise.

A little bit about me:  I part-time homeschool my four children.  It’s not easy, but it’s what works for our family.  I’ve been married for 17 years.  I graduated from WSU in economics.  I love learning new things, I seriously would be a full-time student if there was limitless time and financial resources.

Lastly but most importantly, the reason I do this work is because I see my Heavenly Father’s hand clearly in the life of each person I’m blessed to work with.  I don’t claim that what I teach helps everyone, but if you are someone who would like to find methods for staying focused on what is most important to you, if you’d like to be a little more optimistic about life and if you’d like to be more deliberate about how you spend your time, I’d love to share my program with you.

Each person has special gifts and talents, having a few tools like thinking outside the box and overcoming fears (just to name a few) can help you accomplish more than you could ever imagine.

Much Success to you!

Michelle Withers

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