February 1st can be your new January 1st 



February is around the corner…it’s been almost 30 days since you set your New Year’s Resolutions.  Are you on track for creating a memorable 2015?  If you are like most of us you’ve worked on some of your goals and others you probably haven’t started.  You’ve had some success and a few disappointments.  What if you looked at every 30-day period as a reminder to recommit yourself like you did on January 1st?  A 365-day commitment is a long time to stay focused.  To increase your odds for success in 2015 try the suggestions below and divide your goals into 30-day blocks and your habits and activities into 30-day plans.  Using these ideas will help you build on what you’ve already done so you can accomplish more than you could even imagine.  The key is to break down your goals into much smaller pieces that can be worked in 30-day increments.

Where are your goals located?  Did you write them down or make a dream board? – If this isn’t the first time you created a dream board, then you know that it is easy to forget to take time to consider and internalize what you most want.  Your reasons for working hard and smart are easily forgotten and your motivation can dissolve away.  To overcome that obstacle set an alarm on your phone for the first day of each month to relocate your dream board to a new area of your home.  Place it in your bathroom; by a table where you eat most of your meals; above or next to your bed; in the kitchen… just move it!  You’ll be more likely to truly look at it anew and stay motivated on your goals.

Did you create a new habit or start a new activity?  For example, if you want to lose did you start an exercise program or change your eating habits?  In your business did you commit to providing better customer service by following up more consistently?  What is your game plan?  Do you have to-do lists made?  Are the due dates for your to-dos scheduled on your calendar?  Have you broken down your yearly goal into monthly and then weekly goals?

Make a goal for February and then divide it by four.  What activities must happen weekly (and daily) to accomplish this goal?  How many people do you need to meet?  How many phone calls will you need to make?  How many one-on-one meetings will you hold?  By the end of the month you will accomplish more and see greater results by breaking down your goals into measurable actions.

Did you do research and find ideas on how to accomplish your goal or a book that keeps you motivated?  You may have taken time to look up success stories on weight loss, created a board on Pinterest of organization ideas or start a new class?  In your business, did you read a new book, watch a webinar or spend more time studying the training materials your company offers?  How did those activities make you feel?  Often we work smarter, have more desire to succeed and our habits support our goals.  It can be easy to take that for granted that we’ll continue to work smart and stop reading because we are so motivated.  Instead, choose a new book monthly.  Read it, read it twice then read it a third time.  You’ll apply more and your drive will stay high.  Add another alarm on your phone to monthly choose a new book and follow the program to read the book three times.

Did you find an accountability partner?  You may have found a walking partner or told your upline the goals you have for your business.  Having someone to work alongside or that you check-in with is very effective.  How is that relationship working?  Are you both committed to your goals at the same level?  Does your upline know how frequently you need follow up and what to follow up on?  Finding a business coach is another way to create consistency and accountability.  The benefits of investing in yourself are priceless and can create greater results than you’ve ever had before.

Take the smart things you did to kick off 2015 and repeat every 30 days.  Watch your goals become achieved faster than ever before.  These activities will act as fuel to keep you motivated and give you a method for measuring your progress.  You can then make necessary course corrections as you fly towards success.

Alyson Wallace

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