Creating FREEDOM with your business

What does FREEDOM look and feel like to you?

Does having more money than bills make you feel free?  Does having a flexible schedule to attend all of your son’s baseball games?  Does having the opportunity to give yourself a raise one month when you need some extra income?  Maybe it’s having all your credit cards paid off or maybe it’s donating to causes you are passionate about.

What would it feel like to have those FREEDOMS? 

Could you sleep better at night?  Would you feel more relaxed?  Would you be able to be more in the moment with your family and friends if you had less financial worry?  Would you feel like a more successful spouse and parent by having a flexible schedule?

Ask yourself these questions and put the answers down on paper.  Now do the same with your team.  Do a zoom activity or record a video and teach your team how to focus on the freedom they want and ask them how it would feel.

Getting in the habit of focusing on what you want most and inspiring your team to do the same thing is one of the greatest success principles you could ever learn to be consistent about. When you have that WHY burned on your heart and soul, you will work smarter, face fear, and receive inspiration as to what you should do and how you should do it.

Excitement must be higher than fear

I’ve learned over the years, that no matter how good my “sales advice” is, it doesn’t help you if you are not focused on your big “why” and your fear is higher than your excitement.  This goes for you as a leader too.  You can’t give enough business tips to offset their fears.  The only thing that works is to refocus on their reasons for working their businesses.

An added perk of focusing on your why is that you will be given sparks of inspiration and ideas on how to accomplish your goals.  You’ll listen to my videos or read a great book, then you’ll take that idea and you’ll create something that is the perfect fit for you and your customers.

Two types of goals that must be set

Take 30 minutes every week to reevaluate your long term goals and 10 minutes daily to evaluate your daily goals and you’ll see an incredible surge in success.  I call these two types of goals “E Goals,” 1. End Result Goals and 2. Effort Goals.

End result goals are the things you want to have happen by the end of the month; $2000 in sales, three new team members, promotion level, save $500, and pay for your daughter’s summer dance class.

Effort goals are the activities you must do to make those things happen; hold 6 parties during the month, follow up with 20 past customers, hold six potential recruit interviews, post in your Facebook 3 times daily and connect with team members weekly.

Often I’ll see you like to set one type of goal more than you do the other.  Some of you find it easier to say how much you want in sales by the end of the month, but don’t make the effort goals to make that happen.  Then on the flip side, some of you would prefer to set effort goals and talk about how many times you’ll post on Facebook without an end result goal in mind.  Learn to combine the two and your success will be like fireworks on the 4th of July, BOOM BABY!!!

When you keep your End Result goals and your Effort goals together and right in front of you, you’ll discover that accomplishing your goals is easier and happens faster than you ever expected.

Create a visual to stay focused

We’ve created a July Freedom Goals printable for you and your team to use to keep your eye on the FREEDOM goals you are working towards.  In the start, write or draw pictures of your End Result goals.  On the lines, write down your Effort Goals.  Post these next to your bed, on your mirror and/or in your office.  Review them daily and watch miracles happen.  July will be your best month ever when you follow these simple steps.  Freedom is yours my friends!!!


Michelle Withers

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