Drive your business to success with these three tools

Building a business and getting the most sales from your energy and from the hours you work follows the same rules as increasing your gas mileage. Your gas mileage is directly connected to the way you drive, how far you drive, the speed you drive, and the consistency of the speed.

Actions that lower your miles per gallon:

  1. Constantly starting and stopping.
  2. Fast acceleration at an intersection.
  3. The faster you go the more gas you burn.

Things that increase your miles per gallon:

  1. Driving at a consistent speed.
  2. Fewer stops while maintaining a steady speed.
  3. When stopped, accelerating at an even pace.

Three Tools to Create Monumental Consistency

Driving in a consistent and steady way is the key to increasing gas mileage. Growing your business is also directly related to the way you work. Here are three tools you can use to fine tune your business so it runs as efficiently as a well driven car. By planning your work and working your plan, you can create the business and life you desire.

  1. Plan weekly

Scheduling a two-hour block every work day is the most effective way to get the maximum work done in a short amount of time. There are multiple ways to work two hours:

  • four half-hour blocks,
  • two one-hour blocks,
  • two hours of work over four hours while trying to multitask, or
  • one two-hour block focused completely on work.

You need to factor in time at the beginning and end of each block to start and finish each work session. This means that one two-hour block will actually allow more time for working effectively and completing more tasks.

Multitasking almost always involves forgetting things, being less than your optimum, and not doing any of the multiple things you’re working on well.

Look at your weekly schedule and, where possible, create a two-hour block of time every work day. Work as smart and uninterrupted as possible.

  1. Schedule the little things and the big things

Learn to use automation to market and support your team. Social media posting is like driving through a busy city with lots of stop lights. Stop and go, speed up, slow down, get stuck in traffic. The time you lose posting to Facebook and Twitter several times a day every day of the week can be huge.

Using a scheduling system like Cinchshare can save you hours. You can schedule completed posts on social media over the course of one day or several days.

Then schedule a block of thirty to sixty minutes to check for comments and reply to them, message people who want to know more about your products and events, and give amazing customer service. Keep a timer on your desk and have something scheduled to do next, so you have a strong urgency to complete your tasks. Those cat, baby, and food videos can suck hours out of your day before you’re even aware of it. Don’t let that happen. This is your work time. Relax and play when your two hours are over.

To keep from being tempted, turn off notifications and sound alerts. It’s tempting to want to know what someone said or messaged. Remember you’re human; it’s not easy to resist. Work smarter instead of harder. Turning off electronic noise will also help you focus when spending time doing other things or spending time with those you love.

  1. Work smart and be consistent
  • Avoid burn out

You’re more likely to burn out if you put six hours’ worth of tasks on your planning list and expect to compete them in a two-hour block. This type of unrealistic goal setting leads to feelings like failure, frustration, and wanting to give up because you’re unable to complete all your wonderful goals. Your stress level will skyrocket while your mood plummets. Sometimes your frustration even spills out on those you love.

If you work too many hours or are always focused on business, you can miss out on family memories and activities. This type of burn out creates regret. Make choices that will support your biggest why.

None of us can spend every waking minute with those we love. Cleaning, cooking, and the logistics of balancing multiple schedules can create closeness or distance between you and your family. The key is to have consistent, face-time with each member of your family, even if it’s small moments. Keep your commitments regarding when and what you’ll do with them.

Secondly, an unbalanced life can be a major symptom of burn out. Your health, finances, relationships, home responsibilities, and community service priorities can take a back seat to work if you aren’t careful. Just as creating a schedule for your work helps you be a more efficient entrepreneur, scheduling in your family and other activities will ensure that you maintain balance in all areas of your life. Wise and inspired planning plus consistency in implementing your plan will ensure that you experience success in your business and contentment and balance in your life as a whole.

  • Use Social Media to increase sales and team growth

Your sales and business growth are directly connected to your consistency. At times you’ll see individuals do a high amount of sales in a short amount of time. I can promise you that over a year, those who win the awards have earned them with consistent monthly sales.

Selling, follow up, four or more parties in a pay period, and a game plan to market and find new clients is like driving on the freeway for the best gas millage.

You’ll achieve higher sales on a more consistent basis in fewer work hours when you post on social media platforms consistently. When you post tips, tricks, and education, you build trust and interest and increase your credibility as an expert in your field.

When you don’t post consistently, the posts tend to be more desperate and about specials that scream, “Buy now.”

Following up consistently creates loyalty which increases the types of products clients buy from you. An added perk is that you often receive referrals to your client’s friends because of the relationships you’ve nurtured and built.

  • Take care of yourself

Lastly, your car gets even better gas mileage with maintenance. Changing the fluids, replacing tires, and getting tune ups makes for a longer lasting vehicle and increased fuel efficiency.

Increase your personal efficiency while building up your business muscles by:

  • reading great books,
  • watching business-related or motivational YouTube videos,
  • connecting with other successful people, and
  • listening to inspiring podcasts.


Good work habits

Drive your business like you should drive your car: steady, consistent, focusing on the road in front of you, and knowing where you want to end up. Your sales per hour will increase with these three tools:

  1. Plan weekly,
  2. Schedule the little things and the big things, and
  3. Work smart and be consistent.

Good work habits will bring you amazing success and business growth.


Michelle Withers

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