Four Beliefs that will Dramatically Increase Your Success

4.18.15 _ Increase Success

I have the pleasure of meeting a wide variety of people almost on a daily basis. Isn’t that one of the greatest parts of being in a business that involves sales and service? I constantly learn from others examples and their personal strengths. There are a couple leaders I’ve had the blessing of working with and as I’ve observed them, I’ve noticed common beliefs and sets of choices.

When they share their product and service, they truly believe the person will buy. Secondly, they don’t let the no’s slow them down. Just imagine how that looks and feels. You might be one of the many wondering, “How did they develop that belief?”

It’s actually several little beliefs and daily decisions that add up to an overall core belief. You already have some of them, but you are probably missing one or two, which causes you to not have the same results as these afore mentioned leaders. 

Belief #1

I woke up today and decided it was going to be a great day, and I am excited to talk to people.

When you woke up this morning, did you have a plan that made you excited to work your business? Did you know who you were going to talk to and why? Did you start out the day with a little exercise and a dose of something motivational? Did you read your goals?

Belief #2

As I left the house I was so excited about the individuals I’d get to meet today.

When you left the house today, did you tell yourself, “I’m going to meet someone today who needs me and what I have to offer?” Did you review scripts so when the opportunity to share your product occurred the words rolled off your tongue?

Belief #3

I love talking to people, watching them smile when a random stranger gives them a compliment and hearing their stories. Everyone has something amazing about them that I can learn from.

As you passed by people today in your daily activities, did you talk to people? Did you give them compliments? Did you make their day better without any expectation of anything in return? Did you look around to see how you could help and simply listen? When was the last time you did that and discovered that the individual who needed a listening ear blessed you with their strength? When was the last time you met someone randomly, and they turned out to be your next team builder or customer? As you go about your day, do you hand it over to God, knowing that the people you are supposed to meet will be in your path?

Belief #4

I’ll take appropriate opportunities to share my product/service. I know not everyone needs it and sometimes they do but it’s just not the right time. I’ll be grateful for opportunities I had to meet them and look forward to the next sale I’ll make.

As you met people today, shared your services with them and they said, “No thank you,” did you instantly say to yourself, “No problem, there are others out there who need me”? Do you set yourself up for success and plan to talk to enough people that the next yes is right around the corner? Do you have an affirmation prepared to read and repeat out loud when you have a disappointment? Do you give yourself a time limit for how long you’ll allow yourself to be down then move on? Do you have methods for getting yourself out of a low place like a physical exercise or a favorite book?

Which belief did you already have? What actions do you take that will help you reach your goal level?

Which beliefs are difficult to hold in your heart? Each belief can be acquired by simple actions taken daily. Choose one of the actions and make an action plan. Schedule a reminder in your phone for the time that you’ll do the activity daily. Lastly, journal your progress on a regular basis. A great way to do that is ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how much do I have ___________ belief? Ask yourself weekly what your number is. You’ll find the gradual progress that feels slow actually moves more quickly than you expected it would.

You can become that successful leader and have the strengths that the best of the best have with deliberate, daily actions.

You can become that powerhouse sales leader with deliberate, daily actions.

Michelle Withers

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