From Banner to BAM BABY

I’m a huge believer in monthly goal setting. It refuels your fire, revs up your engine, gives you hope and energy. You are much, much more likely to work and work smart when there is a fire under you.

A common question I hear from leaders is, how do I keep my team motivated? Doing goal setting activities at the beginning of every month is the first step inspiring and motivating.

This month’s activity will give those right brained, crafty individuals on your team a way to fulfill both their need to create and craft along with an added dose of business momentum!

Create a banner in colors that you love. The colors could match your office, kitchen, bedroom or any room you work in. It could be colors of your company which when you see it reminders you of your business goals instantly. A third option would be the color, shape or style that would match a specific goal you are working on. This could connect to a specific promotion you are working towards, or an incentive like a company trip or the car of your dreams. Make it fun, personal and deeply connected to your goals.

Choose a ribbon, wire, string, hemp etc… to hang each individual banner on. I like to use mini clothes pins that are available in almost every color imaginable to attach them to the string. This makes it easy to move them around, replace them after a goal is met. You can also chose to separate the flags and have achieved goals on one side and goals you are working towards on the opposite side.



One other fun way you can use your banner would be to use the flags as a play to post your sticky notes. You could change them out weekly and keep the small goals front and center.

Remember to set business goals and make them specific so you know if you accomplished them; sales goals, team building goals, number of parties you plan to hold, number of people in your FB VIP group etc. in addition, set personal goals and the things you hope to give your family based your success with your business.

Set those goals, fill your tank with hope and motivation and BAM BABY, your business will have grown like never before.

Michelle Withers

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