Habits are the Key to Excellence

we-are-what-we-repeatedly-do As I’ve coached people in life and in business, a commonality I’ve seen is a tendency to beat one’s self up when they don’t accomplish their goals and work as effectively as they feel they should.  What many don’t understand is that 90% of what we do in our life is out of habit and it takes great effort to create habits.  Few people I’ve worked with in sales have been worked consistently; working specific hours, specific activities and contacting a specific number of people weekly and still failed.  HOW TO CREATE CONSISTENCY and HABITS is the key to your success.  The good news is you have it in you; it’s just a matter of understanding how to use tools that you already possess for business.  You may use this tool to exercise consistently, eat dinner as a family frequently, pay your bills on time, save money for retirement, visit a friend or family member on a regular basis etc…  If any of these actions are a part of your life, you have the tools to make business habits and thus you can SUCCEED!!! First be kind to yourself and understand this takes practice, second make a list of the consistent activities you must do in a month then a week and third add them to your calendar and set reminders.  For more tips please join me on a FREE WEBINAR tonight on “Creating Business Habits.”

Michelle Withers

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