How to Make Every Week a Huge Success with Sticky Notes


It’s Monday, the start to another week. Your emotions wobble between, “I HAVE to work my business,” and “I GET to work my business.” When you are feeling hopeful and excited, you GET to work on your business. When you are feeling overwhelmed or like your chances of succeeding are low, “the have-to-work feeling” erodes your enthusiasm.

Sticky Note Success

A great way you can keep the enthusiastic attitude is by setting new goals frequently. Every Monday get out your favorite colored sticky notes and describe the End Result Goals you’ll have that week. Then use as many sticky notes as you need to write down Effort Goals, which are the specific steps you’ll take. 

It might look something like this…

End Result Goals for the week: $1000 in sales, three new recruits and ten new customers

Effort Goals: Make twenty customers care calls, coach two hostesses, hold five recruiting interviews, meet prospective customers at parties, online and while at daughter’s soccer game.

Imagine reviewing your sticky notes on Sunday night. How will it feel to have accomplished your goals knowing you put in the work needed for success?

Work like the pros!

Many times you aren’t excited about your work because you don’t know what you are aiming for. Having the End Result Goals helps you to keep plugging away and aiming until you hit your desired target. The Effort Goals are essential. If a basketball player has a goal of shooting twenty-four points in a game, he knows he must practice the plan for a specific number of hours with the team and on his own to better his chance of accomplishing that goal. You have to do the same, decide what kind of work and schedule specific hours to do it.

A successful athlete doesn’t miss practice and puts in 100% effort while he/she is there. When you do the same, success will happen quickly. Having the two types of goals planned out, your work will feel like something you GET TO DO, AND Mondays will be something you’ll look forward to.

Michelle Withers

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