Identifying More Leads at Holiday Booths & Bazaars


Holiday Booths and Bazaars

Are you using booths or bazaars this season to promote your business and take advantage of increased holiday sales? This is a fantastic location to connect with more leads. The key is to discover who there has a need for you product. How do you do that? Your drawing slip is a key tool for identifying and pre-qualifying potential customers.

The Drawing Slip

Do you use a drawing slip? What questions are on it? Most of the slips I’ve seen include the following: name, contact information, and a couple of questions. The three questions themes are usually. 

Are you interested in:

  1. Buying my product
  2. Help me sell my product by hosting a party?
  3. Selling my product?

First of all, this can come off very “me, me, me” instead of, “I care about you, I’d love to get to know you better?” If this is the first time they’ve ever seen your product they may be intrigued, but the answers to those questions might be ‘maybe, it depends on the cost.’ That cost might be literal dollars or it might be time.

Because the only options to the questions are usually yes/no, might miss out on maybes that simply say no because they are worried about the ‘cost.’ You could add the option of yes, no or maybe.

Pre-qualify more clients

If you say maybe to a child, each party chooses to hear a different degree of maybe. A child chooses to believe that’s a 90% chance or practically a yes. As the parent, you be saying it’s a 50/50 chance or something even less. You’ve heard or participated in arguments that involve these differences and seen the frustration and disappointment. Try this drawing slip method; focus on their need for the product so that you know who to start with when you start making follow up calls?

Example – Skirt company drawing slip:

  • How many times a week to do you wear skirt A.1-2 B. 3-4 C. 5-7
  • What is your favorite length of skirt to wear? A. Knee length B. Mid Calf C. Long/Floor D. Mini
  • Weekly activities you’d wear a skirt? A. Church B. Work C. SAHM D. Social engagement
  • On a scale of 1-10, how interested would you be in making money while playing dress up? _____
  • Which of the following reasons prompts you to hosting a get together? Mark 1 -4 (1 most important) A. I love getting free stuff! _______ B. I love an excuse to get together with my friends. _______ C. I love helping my friends get things they’d benefit from. _____ D. Other ____________________________________________ E. All of the above F. None of the above

MORE Customers

The feedback you receive will be priceless, time saving and prequalify your customers. Sort your drawing slips into product, bookings and recruit piles. Make your follow up phone calls within 48 hours and watch your calendar fill and your sales soar!

For more tips on booths and expos, visit my website and watch a 1 hour FREE video that will give you many other tips and ideas.

Michelle Withers

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