Make Your Customers Feel Unique and You’ll Win Their Loyalty

In sales, we quickly learn that if we see ourselves as more of a consultant instead of a sales person, we become more authentic. In an effort to consult, we strive to find the needs of others and offer the perfect solution. This is a very good start to a long lasting relationship.

One thing that is often not understood is the need that each person has to feel unique. I’ve heard the phrase so often from well-meaning sale consultants, “I know someone else who had the exact same problem. I have the perfect solution to your predicament.”

Your clients like to feel like they have a challenge that is very unique and has elements that not many have experienced. Second, they need to feel that it is difficult to solve. After all, if it was easy to resolve, they would have done themselves already. Lastly, they need to feel in control and that no one is going to try to convince them of something they’ll wish they hadn’t done in the long run.

As the sales person/consultant, it’s important that we make our client feel;

1. Understood – Express it is clear that their situation very difficult. Empathize with them that they are dealing with something very challenging and you can understand why they must be frustrated.

2. Intelligent – Acknowledge every effort they made in finding a solution to their problem. Repeat back to them the things they’ve already experimented with and give them kudos for being so patient and determined.

3. In Control – Do you remember as a child wanting to “do it myself” or make the choice on our own? We never really outgrow that feeling. We like to feel like we can make wise choices for our self and that no one is trying to control our actions or make our choices for us. Using specific words can help our client continue to feel in control of their personal choices.

After offering understanding and empathy, try this statement instead;

“I know someone with a similar situation. They’ve been using a product that was helpful to them and I’d like to share it with you so you can discover if would be a good fit for you.”

The words;

1. Similar – Shows understanding to their situation and preserves their need to feel unique.

2. Discover – Gives the client the feeling that we know they will make a wise choice based on their specific needs.

3. Good Fit – Offers respect to our client by saying, “I’ll give you information and always support your decision.”

By changing few simple words, you will create more curiosity in your potential customer, form more loyal relationships and experience an increase of sales and referrals.

Michelle Withers