I’ve Had It With This Monster Named Fear


I work with many, many small business owners and people in sales. I’ve seen how fear hinders the progress and potential success that they could be having. It breaks my heart when I can see that they are capable, they are talented, and they are passionate, but they are instead they are full of fear; they miss opportunities and even at times self-sabotage. The sad thing is, often they are closer to success than they realize, and they just need to keep going. Some people act like fear is a monster chasing them and they have no control.

They are wrong.

Definition of Fear

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

In the day of the caveman there were many dangers. From travel, to weather, to gathering and obtaining food, life was quite the adventure, but there were many more daily threats to one’s life. When a tiger chased you, you ran and you felt that was the only choice you had. Technically you had the choice to lay down and die, but that would have been the last choice you ever would have made.

We are no longer cavemen hoping to survive another day. The fear is not life-or-death. We don’t have those threats anymore. We can make choices without the emotion of fear controlling our decisions. When you are afraid of taking the next or maybe even the first step in your business, ask yourself, “Is this dangerous? Is it likely to cause physical pain or is it a threat to my life?” Of course it’s not. All you are doing is talking to people, learning new skills, sacrificing a little play for work time; none of it is worth an ounce of fear.

The facts about fear

Fear isn’t a person, an animal, a living creature of any kind. It has no form at all; you can’t hold it or even see it. When you stop and spell it out, what is the worst thing that can happen? Honestly, the worst thing that can happen is that someone will say “NO” to an offer. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you will get some no’s and there is no way around it.

The fact of the matter is, you’ll also get yeses. That is what is so exciting about what you are doing. Unless you created the product that has never been seen before and you’ve never sold even one unit of your product, you know that your product will sale because you’ve seen others do it. If someone else is having success, you can do. When we kick fear out, we find that the chances of us selling and having success are actually better than the odds of failing.

The emotional side of fear

I know you are saying, “But Michelle, I’m not so and so. She’s so out going, she’s confident, she has lots of friends, she’s been doing it longer than I have etc……” Whoever you are comparing yourself to was once where you are now. Plain and simple, you are no different than anyone else who is currently successful. They ALL started at ground zero– no sales, no team members, no experience and no knowledge. You have a lot in common with them.

My friends, fear or faith is a choice. It’s an action far more than it is an emotion. When a tiger jumps out of the bushes and wants to eat you, the fear you feel is an instinct. Fear in your business is something else. You can slow down and choose to have faith.

Try these tips to help you choose faith over fear:

  1. Write an affirmation about how you want to feel and make sure the words are filled with positive vocabulary.
    1. I love my product, and I know there are others who need it. I’m grateful that someone shared this product with me, and I know others will be grateful too. I love how it feels making the income my family needs and wants. I can do hard things, and I have faith that great things are happening.
  2. Use sticky notes and write positive reminders you to have courage. Post them all over your house, car and work area.
    1. I’m courageous
    2. I’m strong
    3. I’m confident
    4. I’m powerful
    5. I have faith
  3. Read books and stories about others that have had success and overcome hard things.
    1. Using the examples of others, remind yourself that even though it’s scary and difficult, the reward is worth it.

The choice is yours. Choose fear or faith. Fail or succeed.


Michelle Withers

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