Monthly Goal Setting is a Monthly Team Tune-Up

Goal setting is powerful. What maximized the power is the frequency and method you use when setting goals. Give your team a new goal setting activity monthly and watch the spark create new flames of team growth.

Water Bottle Goal Setting Activity

Items Needed

  1. Reusable water bottle
  2.  Permanent marker
  3.  Goals





Types of goals to set

  1.  Long Term
  2.  Short Term
  3.  Personal Goals
  4.  Family Goals
  5.  Business Goals
  6.  Feelings when accomplished
  7.  Attributes developing

Carry your water bottle with you throughout the day. Read your goals frequently when you take a drink, refill the bottle and rewrite them when the goals start to fade. The consistent reminder will harness the amazing power of the law of attraction. You can also see it as way to remind you of your heart felt prayer and review that prayer with each drink.

By setting goals monthly and having your team do the same, you’ll see new energy, new momentum and incredible success.

Watch for March’s goal setting activity.

Michelle Withers