More Video Views Equals More $avvy $ales

Making videos takes time and the more fuel you can get out of one video, the more money you’ll make per hour.
Time is money!!
These 10 tips will maximize your time and produce much more sales.
1. Post text with your video that is interesting, catchy, creates curiosity and is a teaser.
2. Post a question that stimulates engagement and receives more comments. There are two fabulous perks to getting more comments. Facebook will show your video to more people as your comments increase. Secondly, you know who is interested in your product and you now have a list of people to start conversations with to offer your sales and expertise.
3. Post key words in your text, because your videos can be found by searching key words.
4. Post your videos directly to a Facebook page. Versus images and text only posts, videos are shown to your fans far more by Facebook, thus your views on your Facebook Page will be much higher. Secondly, there are many, many more views, comments, and engagement when a video is directly uploaded to Facebook instead of shared from YouTube.
5. Share your uploaded video to client groups and profile from your Facebook page. Your Facebook page will store your videos in one place and make a file for people to refer to. It will increase your “viewed” number which will create a draw and desire of others to also view the video.
6. Keep it less than 30 seconds. The shorter the better. The average length of time watched is only 22 seconds. More short videos versus less longer videos is the better choice.
7. Multipurpose your videos on YouTube. If you are going to make it, spread it far and wide. Uploading your video to Facebook instead of sharing from YouTube to Facebook is the way to go with regards to Facebook engagement. There are perks to uploading it to YouTube. Google and YouTube are closely connected so if someone “Googles” your name, your YouTube channel will come up. Make sure to have your Facebook page and other social media platforms connected to YouTube.
8. Multipurpose on Instagram. If your video is less than a minute long, you might as well add it to one more location and increase your exposure. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, and hashtags can be used wisely to get the word out about your product.
9. Tag individuals in the video when posting on Facebook. When there are people in the video or others that a video makes you think of, tag them for added exposure.
10. Use your video to increase the views of other videos. Especially because the videos are so short, make mention of another video that will teach: 1. Another concept 2. Step B, C and D 3. Additional colors or styles 4. A Useful tip connected to this video. In addition, if that video is housed on your Facebook page, more people will visit your page and produce more engagement and likes.
Work smart, multipurpose, and make more per hour and overall than you could ever imagine!

Michelle Withers

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