Pray Always

goal setting prayerWhen Christ instructed us to “Pray always,” few of us ever take that as a command to be on our knees 24/7.  Praying is very personal and we’ve all found, or are stilling looking for, ways to fulfill this commandment.

If your prayers are like mine, they are about the things that are most important to me.  First, becoming more like my Savior; then praying for my family; often followed by what I feel passionate about doing or praying to develop a talent.  A method I use to keep focused in these areas is goal setting.  I do this a variety of ways such as dream boards, writing them down in sentences, and posting reminders in key places.  It occurred to me, this was a method of “praying always.”

Each reminder provided an opportunity to review my heart felt desires with my Maker.  As blessed as I felt that I have created a process to communicate more consistently with my Lord, the greater gift is in discovering that He in turn was sending me added confidence to do the activities needed to accomplish my goals.  When I came to road blocks on my journey and I continued to review my goals, impressions regarding solutions to challenges came more frequently.  I’d know without a doubt that those moments of enlightenment were inspired ideas and not my own.

If you are looking for a way to stay a little more connected to your God, while at the same time accomplishing those things that matter most to you; set your goals today!

Michelle Withers

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