How to Set a Goal

I had the pleasure of working with a swim team. We were doing an activity I call ‘goal sketching.’ A goal is written on one side of the paper in a full sentence. On the other side of the paper a simple picture or symbol for the goal is sketched. The goals are then posted as a reminder. As the team worked on their goals, I moved around talking to the swimmers and observing the different images each had drawn. I saw pictures of pools with swimmers reaching the finish line first, stop watches with a specific goal time and Olympic rings just to name a few.

I began speaking with one of the young ladies there and she made a very interesting comment. “Everyone says you should set goals, but not until today did anyone tell me how to SET A GOAL.”

How to Set a Goal

Do you know how to set goals? Do you need some ideas on how to actually do that? Here is a list of creative ways.

· Create a dream board.

· Draw picture or symbol of what you are focused on

· Post stickers with a picture that symbolizes your goal in 6-10 places you will see regularly

· Write in full sentences what you want, and then put them by your bed, in the bathroom and on the refrigerator.

· Make a screensaver on your computer or wall on your phone with words or images representing your goal.

· On a water bottle you use daily, use a permanent marker to write your goals.

There are just a few of my favorite ideas. For more ideas please buy my book: Click here.

Michelle Withers

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