Ten Profitable Virtual Party Posts

Many of you started in the direct sales industry with the hope that it was a way to make money from home. The dream was to use Facebook to sell, recruit, and ultimately make a fantastic living while also balancing your family life.

Some have had amazing success and their lives have completely changed.  Some have made enough money that the need to work outside the home was eliminated. And others are still working towards success and hoping their efforts will pay off.

The fact is, whether you’re working from home or working in another location, it’s still work and it still makes it so we can’t have as much time to spend with those we love.  Working smart and learning how to make more money per hour is true freedom.

Facebook parties can multiply your sales, and ultimately, your income per hour.  These tips will take your Facebook parties to the next level!

  1. Create posts that show you are interested in them and their family. Your clients will care so much more about what you have to share when you show that you care about them.  Start with their family.  Introduce yourself and your family and ask them to do the same.

“I’d love to get to know you and your family.  Are you married, single, have children or fur babies? Comment or share a picture.”

  1. Invite your attendees to share something about their hobbies and interests. I like to ask the question, “If you had one hour to spend doing something that you love doing, what would you do?”
  2. Ask an umbrella question that will help you know which part of your product line would be of the greatest interest to them. Start with a multiple choice question:
    1. Which of these rooms do you wish you had a cleaning fairy for?
    2. Which meal do you most love to cook?
    3. Which makeup product do you use the most frequently?
    4. Which room in your house do you burn candles in the most often?
    5. Which closet in your home would you most love to have an organizational makeover?
    6. Which book category does your family most enjoy?
  3. Divide the rest of your party into the categories that you used for your multiple choice question. When you introduce that product and solutions for that area, tag the party attendee and mention that this might be a product they’d find useful.
  4. Introduce each category with a question specific to that topic. Inquiring about their frequency of use or interest in your product will increase engagement and give you information to make appropriate product suggestions.
    1. How many days a week do you eat breakfast?
    2. How many days a week do you read bedtime stories?
    3. How many days a week do you wear eye makeup?
    4. Which holiday do you most like to have a scented holiday themed candle for?
    5. How many days a week do you exercise?
    6. How many times a month do you go on a date with your sweetheart?
  5. Post three products under that category and ask a question for each.
    1. Organizing the kitchen
  • Cupboard
  • Refrigerator
  • Spices and seasonings
  1. Earrings
  • Dangly
  • Petite
  • Bold and big
  1. Eye makeup
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  1. Activity books
  • Ages 2-4
  • Ages 5-8
  • Ages 9-12
  1. Booking Post: Ask, “Which one product would you most like to have for FREE?” Many people book parties because they love the product but don’t want to take money out of their family budget. Book parties by finding out what they’d most love to have for free.  Post a question with a picture of several of your most popular products to find out who might want to host.
    1. “Which two products would you love to have for FREE?”
  2. Post recruiting post at the end. When adding posts about the business opportunity, post it towards the end of the party. After they have seen your amazing product line and are excited about the quality of the product and how their lives will be improved with it, they’ll have a higher interest in the opportunity.
  3. Make your posts full of how tos and tips and tricks. This will build trust and loyalty.  Also, when it’s time to order, you will have given them the confidence to use the product with success.
  4. Make your post a mixture of both images and videos. Create images that show the effectiveness of the product, before and afters, and multiple uses of the product. Create videos to show how to use the product. It’s also a great way for your audience to get to know you and connect to you.  We buy from people we like.

Use these ten tips and watch your party totals blow up!  You will make more per hour and change your family’s life.

Michelle Withers

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