Testimonials from past Facebook Group Workshop clients 


I’m so excited to learn about the 5-Day series. Before this training I was like how do I come up with enough content to post in a group page. Well after this weekend I feel more confident and now have the tools to support a group page. I’m so excited! Thank you for your hands on training! – Tracy Meeks 


Before the event I had a hard time seeing myself as an expert who had anything of value to put in a facebook group. I now have the confidence that I am an expert, not only in my company, but in a special part of my company, and I’m excited to share that with my customers through 5 day series. – Tiffany DeOs


The one thing that I realize the most is that this is a process. It is something I have to stick to and learn. I am definitely excited to learn more. I’m excited to implement The five-day series. I couldn’t understand how to showcase my product in a non-salesy way before, so I was kind of avoiding it altogether. Now I realize that I have to do all of the steps in order to get there. So yeah, big lightbulb! – Olga Frayman


I wasn’t able to attend much live being sick, but what I did hear was a great new way of thinking! I loved the opt out message, but I really found the 5 day series the most valuable. As I was listening to different ideas from different companies, I kept thinking “I want to be in a that group!” I hope to add the same value for my customers in my own group. – Heidi Spruill 


I have so many ideas. I need to write everything down and get to work. – Luba Wolkoff


The Aha moment when you spoke about us being the experts. It is totally true. How can we give suggestions and tips unless we see ourselves as experts. The 5 day series is a fabulous idea! I can see now how I can use questions leading to the fblives. Lots off work to do. It was great to listen to everyone’s ideas. It helps to understand and get the creative juices going. Once again Thank you!! -Ana Lopez



These are not paid testimonies.  There are actual comments Creative Success Systems received from clients who have attended our Facebook Group Workshop.   


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