The Power of Great Books Multiplied by 3

Great booksWhen was the last time you did some self-educating?  When was the last time you read an inspiring book?  When was the last time your read a book that gave you a fresh new idea?

One of my key tips for anyone in sales it to constantly be self-educating.  I lived in North Dakota when I worked my first direct sales business.  Almost all the classes I taught were in towns that were 200 mile round trips.  One blessing that came from all the road time was the amount of books I listened to.  I become incredibly educated on how to set goals, how to sell, how to be a leader and many other topics.  That car became my business university campus.

I learned from that experience was how important it was to listen/read each book three consecutive times.  Once for the general information, twice to choose two to three concepts I would implement and a third to keep me motivated why I tried to prefect my new skill.  I had more positive energy; more sparks of inspiration, and better tools to support my team.

When I practiced this principle, as I implemented many effective tools that made all the difference in my success.  What are your favorite books to read?  Let’s make a list here and help each other to create a PWN Networking University list of great reads.

Michelle Withers

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